October 2019


Mark Kavuma an the Banger Factory

Mark Kavuma is a prominent young trumpet player on the British jazz scene, leading his own quartet, The Floor Rippers House Band, and his main outfit The Banger Factory. He also plays with Jean Toussaint’s Young Lions, Jazz Jamaica, Nu Civilisation Orchestra and is one of the brass leaders at London-based carnival band Kinetika Bloco.

The Banger Factory is an organisation contingent on bringing the people a good time. Born in the heart of Brixton, South London, the band have developed and nourished a truly unique and unmistakable sound, exploring original material, getting people moving, and featuring some of the most gifted, engaging and masterful musicians on the scene today.

Kavuma and The Banger Factory will be performing music from their latest album 'The Banger Factory'  

“Vibrant, energetic and eminently enjoyable. The playing, from some of the UK’s leading jazz musicians, is excellent throughout.”
The Jazz Mann  


Artie Zaitz - guitar

Deschanel Gordon - piano

Luca Caruso - drums

Michael Shrimpling - bass

Mussinghi Brian Edwards - Tenor Sax

Mark Kavuma - trumpet


£10/£5 NUS


The Verdict Jazz Club


Doors 7pm

Start 8.30pm